On-premises vs cloud data storage and services, which is more secure?

A lot of business that I approach are still sitting on the fence about adopting cloud services based on a set of objections relating to security in the cloud. Logically one might think that having your data and services closer to home, stored in your private on-premises data center is safer than storing it in the cloud, however, this is not necessarily the case. Services like Microsoft Office 365  in fact offer a broad range of security features and benefits that make the cloud one of the most secure places to store your data, and here is why.

Let us consider the following benefits the Microsoft cloud has to offer:

  1. Microsoft invest A LOT into security – In fact, Microsoft invests more into their cloud security than what most businesses could ever justify spending on on-premises security, putting this level of security out of reach for most businesses.
  2. Built in threat intelligence –  If you have ever had the misfortune of having your on-premises servers attacked, you will find this is mostly a reactive process where you patch the hole but the damage has been done. Cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 on the other hand, take a proactive, evolving approach where threat intelligence is gathered across their entire client base and essentially used to inoculate everyone else also using the cloud services.
  3. Evolving Innovation – A successful cloud security strategy requires constant innovation, and cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 are constantly innovating. Microsoft have a full-time team of penetration testers who are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in the cloud security, patching them before external attackers find them.
  4. Automation is key – Like on-premises servers and systems, the cloud also requires certain maintenance tasks to be carried out to keep things running smoothly, with one of the biggest differences being that at the size and constant need to scale the cloud, the automation of maintenance tasks is not optional. One of the main benefits of automation is that human error is decreased which offers an additional layer of security, which comes standard with all Microsoft Office 365 services.
  5. Trust the professionals – As we all know, Microsoft have been around for a while and have a proven track record with well established security models to protect your data. You may be thinking, “But cant Microsoft view my data?”, well the short answer is no. Microsoft remain transparent with their clients, and provide you the customer, with the ability to control how much access Microsoft has to your data.

If you are one of those individuals that are still sitting on the fence, I certainly hope that I have addressed some of your concerns about storing data in the cloud, if you are still unsure lets engage in the comments section below. What are you waiting for, join millions of users and businesses world wide that benefit from the cloud and services like Microsoft Office 365 daily.

Author: Lyal Saayman

Lyal is the founder and director of Digisync Technology Solutions, he is a technologist and entrepreneur at heart and currently has interests in cloud technologies, software development and really all things ICT.

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